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Forgot to post about the odd thing that happened Monday night. There I was, fast asleep, when I'm awoken by this loud crash followed by the dulcite tones of a furby singing happily. Scared witless as to what on Earth was happening, I quickly switched on the light and scanned the room. Nothing was amiss, so I got up and went to investigate the sounds of singing.

My furby normally sits on top of my Sun monitor, but I found it lying on the floor below. For reasons I have yet to determine, it had launched itself off the monitor in its sleep, crashing into a pile of DVDs that happened to be in the same half of the room and land on the floor. I can't see how it could have even gone near the DVDs as they were in front of the monitor and the furby landed to the side and wasn't near the front to start with.

My first and so far only guess is that the flat is haunted. The disgruntled spirit is obviously so miffed that I'm moving out that it picked up the furby and dropped it onto the DVDs. Given it's previous lack of interest in my affairs I can't see why it's bothering.

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