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Ha! I seem to be having a week of being right. I just tested out the webcam/digicam at work and it works just fine. The software I've got is designed purely for digicams, but using the power of scripting it's easy enough to get it to grab a pic, download it and then delete it.

Yes - I'm not very good at taking photographs of myself.



I can't see a photo...

Re: Erm

It's definitely there - I did balls up the URL, but fixed it within seconds of posting the entry.

If you were just too ninja fast and missed the fix, then it's http://www.gathering.org.uk/~chris/images/hottongueaction.jpg

Re: Erm

Still don't see it on the page and when I enter the above URL, I get a download dialog.
Nice tongue :op

Re: Erm

Ah! I see what I did wrong. I saved it in the wrong format - stupid gfx viewer. All fixed now.

Re: Erm

Yep, all there now.