maddy (themadone) wrote,

  1. So Runnymede.. hotbed of iniquity as some of you lot like to make out or simply a place where Cthulhu would run away screaming from?
    Oh we are all sweetness and light here - it's all lies. All the truely evil ones have fled to the furtherest corners of the country (unfortunately ;)
  2. Obligatory Cam Question: Of all the Venues you have played more than once at a Regional or whatever, which do you feel has the best player atmosphere and, more importantly, why?
    I don't tend to notice much difference in the large games - whatever the venue we all seem to end up being tiny specks bobbing along in a large sea of other peoples' plot. I think if I had to pick a favourite venue atm though, it'd be Mage, because the atmosphere at the Runnymede game is totally different to any other game I've played in.
  3. How far is too damned far?
    That depends. For work, I'd say it's about 12 minutes (walking), but for a girl I'd travel to the moon and back (easiest way to put it on a stick for her you see). And I guess pizza is a few metres which is why I have a phone next to the sofa.
  4. When was the last time you were impressed by someting you saw at a museum? What was it and why?
    I'm not someone who goes to museums a lot, although I did go to the British Museum twice last month. Before that I doubt I'd been since I was a kid. However, I'd say the BM had a whole bunch of really cool stuff - the attention to detail on the statues is amazing - especially the really big stuff.
  5. Pirates, Ninjas and Cowboys: rank 'em in order of coolness and please explain your reasons.
    I'd say it goes Ninjas, Pirates and then Cowboys. Cowboys just plain suck - they smell, they play with cows all day and they wear silly hats. Ninjas however wear cool clothing, sneak about quietly and sometimes totally flip out and kill everyone. Pirates come in at a close second, but only cos they go "Arrrr!" a lot.
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