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Right...weekend type post. Friday...um...I think I struggled to get my new shiny £10 webcam working. But failed. Saturday was Nick+Estelle's BBQ. Very family type event with lots of sprogs and couples. More struggling with webcam followed. Sunday was usual pub lunch and then (if you couldn't guess) more webcam struggling.

I'd swear the webcam was broken if it wasn't for the fact that I'm more inclined to think that it's the computer (or more precisely the OS). I love FreeBSD, but it just ain't as well supported as Linux these days. I'm tempted to bring the webcam into work (after I've reassembled it) to see if it work on my computer here.


Remind me, where is this £10 webcam available from? :D

We got them in The Entertainer in Staines. You can get them online at www.thetoyshop.com - search for Yahoo.


If it were USB based, I'd agree totally. But it's serial based, so there is no way it is really tied to a particular OS. The Windows requirement is for the picture editing software you get bundled with it.

Re: *pthhp*

Nah. The "webcam" part of it is a standard chip and from what I can tell, is used in a wide range of webcams. It's only cheap cos The Entertainer have grossly reduced the price of it cos they've got a sale on. No idea if they'll still have any by Xmas.

eggwhite bought one too and has apparently got it working as a normal digital camera, so I'd imagine the webcam part works too.

Re: *pthhp*

I believe he's currently suffering with a bad case of Windows ;)

Re: *pthhp*

And majic13 has sucumbed and got one too...except he's still at work and won't have tried it out yet.

Re: *pthhp*

*grins* They might not have that many left. I was lucky to have a choice of a few different colours, but when I went back with eggwhite they'd sold quite a few. Have to suck it and see I guess.

Re: *pthhp*

If you scamper over to majic13's LJ, you'll find an example he's posted :)