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w00t! New Tescos is open and it's ubermegatastic! Lots better than the old Somerfield it's replacing and the smaller Tescos. Still haven't learnt to stock DLC in the fridge area, but have started stocking it on the shelves.


Well it's better than what we had before. They've made a lot better use of the space in there than Somerfields did, so they've got a lot more range and quantity of stock in there. At least at an initial glance.

Pub lunch sounds like a plan - dunno when or where though. I've been letting the boss/manager decide lunch mostly. I'm sure he'd be convinced easily enough tho :)

DLC is Diet Lemon Coke. Admittedly it should be called DCwL (Diet Coke with Lemon) but thats more of a mouthful.