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Had a very productive Sunday. Managed to drag myself out of bed eventually and decided to investigate the Beehive's sunday lunch offerings as it's been far too long since I'd a proper sunday lunch. Get there to find a whole bunch of people who I hadn't expected to find there (although Simon's car parked out front did give me a bit of warning). Eventually got served - it was very busy, so thats fair enough - had roast lamb and it was really yummy.

Went home and did some coding. In fact I did a lot of coding. Decided to watch one of the many DVDs I'd brought back from the US (Titan AE) whilst I coded. Swapped projects after a while and setup my test version of the Vampire LARP website and worked on that for a bit. Noticed it was coming up to 9 and figured it was time for dinner, but after I'd finished the bit of code I was writing. 2 hours later realised I was still hungry and hadn't eaten yet - oops.

Went and got food and finally got around to doing some laundry. Even managed to take the trash out - the new doorway arrangement downstairs made it much easier to get out with the binbag too. Went to bed a bit later than I'd wanted to, but for once actually got off to sleep fairly quickly. I guess I'm finally back in GMT.