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Hi-ho hi-ho

Yes - I've started my new job. It's very very wierd leaving home at 8:45 and still getting in to work on time. So far I've not done much except have vast amonts of stuff shown to me. I think some of it might even be sticking.

Co-workers are friendly, except obviously Nick who is am evil dictator boss type ;) Actually working for Nick hasn't been that bad so far. Not that he's actually had to do much except try and teach me about the system. At the moment though, he's setting me up with accounts, so I can actually do stuff.

As expected, I've got a Blackberry (funny little PDA that does wireless email and stuff). Doesn't work yet though - need to wave it at a Windoze box apparently.

The building is very confusing inside - lots of twisty turning passages. None of which are alike though, which helps. Haven't encountered any dwarves with throwing axes either, which is a bonus.

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