maddy (themadone) wrote,

So...what has happened since I last updated properly? Well...

Monday was wierd. It felt really odd leaving. A small minority of us went to the pub again - mostly for the benefit of the people who were on courses the week before. On the way back, I joked about how they'd probably already disabled my swipe card, but we didn't test it out. Popped out briefly due to causuality only to discover that my swipe card had been disabled. Bloody surprising given how crap they are setting them up.

Spent the evening vegging about at home.

Tuesday was spent shopping. Then did Cthulhu game and reclaimed my 33k6 modem off Simon. Tried it out when I got home and taped the power pack together cos at some point since I last saw it, the case had broken open.

Wednesday I've already covered - spent it at the British Museum.

Can't remember what I did during the day - I suspect I just vegged about coding. Went to the pub in the evening though. Nothing unexpected there I guess.

More vegging. Washed bike. Visited House of Plot and created a Cthuhlu character.

Did a Cthulhu marathon at charliemouse. Had lots of fun, although found it a tad frustrating as we spent most of Sunday throwing ourselves at trying to kill some beasties when it turns out we could have ignored them. Could have probably completed it on Saturday if we'd not mistakenly tried to stop what was going on ourselves.

Had pizza and watched part of Heat at HofP, but was absolutely knackered so bailed early.

Had to go shopping for some stuff, so figured I'd go into Staines and watch Pirates (or Parrots) of the Caribean(sp?). Bumped into eggwhite and sea_cucumber on the way and then again at the cinema. Tis a grand film me hearties!

Went to the pub for a spooky wierd shit type get together. Was only mildly spoiled by a wierd drunk (on coke apparently) coming over and being overly friendly at us. Think I might go next time too.

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