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Wow! Ticket collectors on SWT have new shiny portable ticket machines!! They look so much cooler and modern and by the looks of it have some kind of touchscreen/scribble pad on the front so they can poke it with a pen to do stuff. And they're a sort of darkblue/purple! Haven't had a go on one yet, cos I'm a good boy who always buys his tickets in advance.

Saw a scarey TV promo on C4. They're recruiting men for a new show called Lapdance Island. It's a survival/reality TV show where 10 men have to survive on this island whilst resisting the temptations of 30 sexy lapdancers. I wonder if they are disallowing gay men from doing it. I guess it would be kinda cheating.

I bought 5 DVDs yesterday for the paultry sum of £30 - Virgin have a special on at the moment. So I watched The Long Kiss Goodnight last night. Very yummy film as is er...the lead actress whose name I can't remember at the moment. She's very yummy too.


Lapdance Island

Er, on TI, they're getting it on all the time, why shouldn't they then? Especially as these are professionals, not other people's SOs...

Re: Lapdance Island

Cos the rules is, is that they can oggle the lapdancers as much as they want, but as soon as they touch them, they're out of the game.

And if you go to a lapdancing club, I believe you'll find the same rules apply there too. Lap/pole/table dancers are paid purely to be oggled at according to the various programs on C5 about such things. Or so I've heard.