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Wow! Ticket collectors on SWT have new shiny portable ticket machines!! They look so much cooler and modern and by the looks of it have some kind of touchscreen/scribble pad on the front so they can poke it with a pen to do stuff. And they're a sort of darkblue/purple! Haven't had a go on one yet, cos I'm a good boy who always buys his tickets in advance.

Saw a scarey TV promo on C4. They're recruiting men for a new show called Lapdance Island. It's a survival/reality TV show where 10 men have to survive on this island whilst resisting the temptations of 30 sexy lapdancers. I wonder if they are disallowing gay men from doing it. I guess it would be kinda cheating.

I bought 5 DVDs yesterday for the paultry sum of £30 - Virgin have a special on at the moment. So I watched The Long Kiss Goodnight last night. Very yummy film as is er...the lead actress whose name I can't remember at the moment. She's very yummy too.

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