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So...this weekend so far? Went to HoT them last night for dinner. ebq cooked spagbol with meat and I could certainly tell the difference. Beef mince tastes so much more meaty compared to quorn mince. It's a very stark difference.

Afterwards we watched some dire soft porn called "Lord of the G-String", which as you can imagine from the title is a piss-take on Lord of the Rings but with a magical g-string instead. Very poor. Kind of thing they show on C5, but with even more poor dialogue - if such a thing is possible.

Woke up fairly early and headed on over to the British Museum. The journey was bloody irritating. Since there is engineering work at Vauxhall somewhere, trains from around here don't stop there, so you have to get trains from elsewhere. So I wait on the platform from elsewhere (no idea where they go - strange places) and what do I see - a train coming from our neck of the woods going in the right direction, stopping at Vauxhall. Stupidly I decided to go and find out when the next train is and found that apparently there were no more trains to London. But there was a train back to Clapham, so I decided to go and get that. Whilst I waited for it, the train I was going to get arrives at the original platform. Grrr. Managed to eventually get a train somewhere, but I hate SWT.

So anyway, I spent several hours looking at the Egyptian stuff. The statues were all very friendly, in the sense that I didn't get smited from on high, but otherwise they weren't very talkative. I'm guessing that's probably a sign that I need to keep on looking. Oh well - plenty more statues to say hello to. Hopefully it'll be cooler next time I go as the galleries were really hot and stuffy.

Then went to the pub before the C/A game. It was hot on the streets. The tube was hot. The pub was hot. Saturday was bloody hot all over the place. Spent the afternoon drinking lots and lots of cool drinks. The me and Dave K went to find a chipshop. Directions from the barstaff were a bit wrong - or out of date. Found something that might have been a chip shop that was shut. We did eventually find a kebabshop. Very nice food, but the staff were a bit lacking in um...brains I guess. Wouldn't serve us 1/2lb burgers cos they didn't have any - but they had 1/4lb burgers.

The game was it's usual frantic hectic malk-harshing fun. Tried to spend most of it outside of the pub where it was by now cool enough to survive in. Inside was way too hot. was fun. Got to die briefly :)

Journey back was horrible though. We went in the long way again - no idea why we keep doing this. The train was delayed lots though. The concourse was crowded full of people. It was hot. I felt very trapped and enclosed by it all. Felt like just going elsewhere. Luckily I had to buy a ticket, so that gave me a chance to go somewhere a bit more open.

Train had A/C to start with, but soon the mass of sweaty drunken yobs - and there were quite a few - soon overpowered it. Women are odd creatures - why do perfectly normal seeming women hang out with drunken retards. Anyhow, got back eventually. Can't wait for pub and magey goodness.

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