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Well tonight wasn't a total disaster. I managed to stagger home and make it back OK without dropping my mobile. On the other hand I have decided that it's probably a good thing I'm single cos I'm far too dangerous. I'm just incapable of showing affection. And when I try, I just screw it up. I can understand being crap at kissing - it's been at least 10 years since I last had a decent attempt, but now I can't even manage a simple hug?

And yes, I do realise that posting this kind of thing when I'm tired, depressed and under the effects of booze probably means that what I'm writing is a load of bollocks, but it's how I'm feeling at the moment. So you can get all angry and shout as much as you like at me - it's not going to cheer me up.


Hope you are feeling better now.

we've hugged many times and not had a problem so don't go writing yourself off. If i decided never to go out after i fell over once, my life would be much crapper.

A bit better.

That analogy doesn't fit - a better one is :- I avoid swimming cos the water is full of sharks. Then I discover that there aren't any sharks in the water, so I try swimming. But having not swimmed much before, I flounder lots and swallow lots of water. This puts me off swimming and so when I really get the urge to dive in and swim, I don't.

And I'd consider all the times when I've tried hugging you and you've not been in the mood as a problem - me not identifying your mood properly. Plus various other examples I've had with other people and stuff.

glad to hear you are feeling better.

My mood is whimisical and often not obvious, so don't let that worry you, hon.

I know. That isn't what is bothering me. Me being unable to show affection and being crap at it when I do is bothering me.

i would disagree that you are unable to show affection cos i've seen you do it. And i don't you are crap at it. Last night we just hit an odd angle. don't let it bother you.

To further the analogy...

Yes, but if you don't at least try the water, you'll never know how much fun the swimming can be...

Diving in is a bad idea quite often - you get a lung-full, and then things start to go badly wrong. You just have to start easily...

I know all this, 'cos I've got a similar swimming problem.

Re: To further the analogy...

Well OK, I was probably getting a little too carried away with the analogy there. Even walking in slowly I tend to find the tide has gone out and all I'm doing is treading on crabs and sharp rocks.