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Started moving stuff out of work today properly, by bringing the rice and pasta cooker home. Amazingly it managed to survive my cycling. Definitely need to work on my mounting technique as it doesn't work at all with a large box on the back of the bike.

Saw something truely repellant on the way back. A girl wearing skin tight white calf length trousers...that were at least a size too small and had the word "sexy" in a garish font on her arse. I figure she must have stolen it from her good looking (but lacking in taste) slimmer friend.

Am sleepy now, so shall go to bed rather than staying up late spodding.


Don't believe it. Sadly some girls (and women) have the fixed idea that they are a certain size - say 12.

and in the changing room with the nice lighting and them standing slightly side on to the mirror, tum sucked in, bum tucked under, chin up - yup they look ok - so they buy it and wear it out in the shadey light of reality where you can see the VPL (Visible Panty Line) and bulges cause they aint suck'n or tuck'n.