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Ooooh! 24 Season 2 is out in just under a week. Must resist buying it until after my little holiday, otherwise I might spend all week watching it instead of hobnobing with gods and stuff.



I don't think that they do... but if it is there, it used to be in the Japanese exhibit...

hmmmm, sexy swordy goodness. (Yes we are sad bastads and went to see it)

Re: masamune

Well that saves me asking what that meant then :)

Not entirely sure that is the sort of thing I'd be looking at though - figuring on just statues at the moment.

Re: masamune

It is a "Godlike" sword:)

Re: masamune

Well if it does have a diety associated with it - it'd be one of war and I can't really see myself following a war god. Or a death god. Or something like that. If I walk past I'll have a look tho :)

Re: masamune

Actually, Inari (the God associated with swords in Japan) is also a god of farming and rice (believe it or not) He is also a Kitsune (mischievous fox spirit)I think

Masamune's are special cos they were the ultimate swords created by the Japanese. He only made about 16 or 17 (I forget exactly) and they are undoubtably powerful (If you believe that sort of thing)