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Now that I've had time to ponder T3 I've decided to write down some wiffles on it.

It's very clever how they managed to keep the time line stuff sensible and it got me thinking about how the others worked.

To start with, the Terminator is more important than any of the other characters in the first film. He has to firstly fail in his mission and secondly enough of him has to survive intact. Why? Well because it's cos of him that Skynet1 gets built.

If he got dropped into a vat of molten metal, then there would be nothing for the Cyberdyne folks to use to start building Skynet1. Skynet1 wouldn't have existed and therefore not sent back the Terminator. Cyberdyne would definitely not have got hold of Terminator parts then, thus continuing the non-existance of Skynet1.

If he'd killed either Reese or Sarah, then John wouldn't have been born. Assuming that John is the only person who can cause the humans to win the war, then he's the only person Skynet would need to send back a Terminator to kill. If it didn't send any back, then you're back to the earlier problem of lacking Terminator parts for Cyberdyne to find.

(I'm calling it Skynet1 cos from what Cyberdyne were working on it appears that it is actually a computer of some sorts. Skynet2 is just software.)

Skynet is going to happen whatever they do in either T1 or T2. Because if Skynet1 doesn't happen, then the military go "Darn...we need an AI to control our weapons systems - R&D - go and knock one up" and it takes longer. They also come up with a completely different design to the original Cyberdyne system. Skynet2's fate in the timeline isn't stable though, because if it exists, then it will send back the original Terminator anyway which will cause Skynet1. It's future relies on them destroying Cyberdyne in T2.

The events in T2 are where things diverge from what should happen. Both T800s and the T1000 are sent back from a future where the war happened in '97. By destroying Cyberdyne, they delay the war thus causing the timeline (TL1) to cross over with another similiar timeline (TL2) - the one with Skynet2. No idea what happened differently in TL2 in the time before the split, but I'd guess that the T1000 wasn't sent back or something - Skynet waited until just before the war to try and kill John.

Which could have probably worked if not for the split. If John hadn't been attacked by the T1000 in T2, then he'd not have believed his mother or rescued her from the nuthouse. He'd have probably gone on to live his life relatively normally and not tried to remain anonymous. Thus being easily found. Doubt they'd have managed to kill him though cos that would mean no Terminators getting sent back and the timeline going screwy.

They've caused another hiccup in T3 surrounding John's future death. Now that he knows he'll be killed by another T800, he won't be lulled in by Skynet's ruse. Which should mean he wouldn't die. Could mean that he fakes his death so that the T800 believes he kills him.

I can't see them making another sequel cos the story is pretty much sewn up. They'd start ending up hitting the bits where the Terminators and stuff get sent back at this rate.

I think the TX was a much better design than the T1000. Clever idea of merging the 2 designs of the T1000 and T800 series. Proper chasis with liquid metal over the top to provide appearance.



Well the TX was definitely stronger than both of them. In T2 when they got into hand to hand combat, it was only when the T1000 re-morphed did it get the upper hand. Otherwise they seemed evenly matched.

The TX was definitely faster than both of them. I've never seen the T800 run - maybe jog a bit - I guess leather is hard to run in. The T1000 could barely keep up with John's bike.

The T1000 was a lot more susceptable to present day weapons - it took longer to regenerate the liquid metal stuff and an explosion would tear it apart. It's only saving grace in this regard, was that the liquid metal bits would then slither back and rejoin the main body. But only if they're nearby - you could slowly wear him down piece by piece.

I don't think any of the models were particularly smart, just very single minded. The TX given a choice of stopping John from escaping or avoiding the gunship and then chasing after John went for the short term goal. I must admit - I didn't realise the accelerator would become magnetic - I was expecting a HUGE ball of plasma or something to hurtle down it just as they dived out a side exit.

But I think in a fight I'd place my money on the TX winning. Faster, stronger, more versatile. She'd be much more able to take down the T1000 than the T800.