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Pirates of the Carribean looks good. Although you could practically just watch the trailer and you've seen the film. Tomb Raider 2 looks like fun too :)


Yes, but you wouldn't want to miss 2 hours of Keira Knightley, would you?

I've no idea who or what that is...so probably?

If it's the cute female lead, then maybe I could be convinced to not miss her. Especially if she makes more awesome comments like "You want pain - try wearing a corset".

Yeah, it's the cute girlie
There is vauge interest in said movie - also maybe Charlie's Angels 2.

CA2 looks to be typical nobrain fodder, so I'm not rushing out to go and watch it. It'd be the sort of thing I'd have gone and seen if I was still doing my Sunday marathon movie trips.

Still haven't seen the first one either.

Tomb Raider Three

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and The Cradle of Filth