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Last night may or may not have involved sleep. I had one of those nights where I lay there, wishing I could go to sleep and then at some random point just past 3, suddenly woke up. Did I dream I was awake or what? I did manage to get to sleep after that properly and even managed a couple of dreams. Not entirely sure if they were related, but the first one did seem to be very much induced by playing Halo too much. The second I'd blame on Firefly - except I've only seen one episode and that wasn't that recently. But it was definitely a dream set in space where we (I'm sure there were other people I knew around) were being all adventurous and swashbuckley and stuff.

I do remember being in a/the leader of the city's apartment or something and slicing through his window - which apparently wasn't a very good thing. I guess his window lead out into space or something, but we didn't get the explosive decompression thing going on. In fact the window was made of polythene, so maybe I'm wrong about it being into space. Either way, I then did something to some tubing that was part of the air system and that made him really angry.

And I was really amused by this edition of Something Positive. Yes it is work safe - although it does feature a bit of swearing - you're more likely to get people wondering why you've decided to squirt coffee/coke/whatever out your nose.

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