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Coo. That was another productive meeting, but then it was the same people as the last productive meeting I had. The customers loved Bob apart from a few cosmetic bits which I could probably in an afternoon.

Got the bike back. It seems the damage was worse than I thought - the back wheel had to be replaced. We (myself and the nice bikeshop owner) guess that the twanging noise I heard was one of the spokes going. Quite a lot of the spokes had already gone - I'm surprised I hadn't noticed.

I feel a bit guilty that the only reason I noticed the back wheel had been replaced was cos it was all shiny and gleaming. But the old one was painted black, so the dirt wasn't as noticable. I guess the gleaming chrome will show up the dirt quite a lot. Both the brake cables and the brake blocks have been replaced too. Uber shiny safe bike!

Not at pub tonight cos I'm visiting my mum's as today would have been my dad's birthday. So we're going out to stuff our faces full of chinese.