April 15th, 2013

More weekend please

So I've had what can only be described as a very busy weekend. Friday was the least tiring physically, but required lots of brains as we had a character gen session for the next exciting Saturday LARP game. Thankfully managed to pull a character idea out and aside from a new bits and bobs it's mostly defined.

Saturday I had to get up early cos I was heading in to London to do a tour with Hidden Wonders. They do guided tours of historical parts of London with a twist. Each location has a puzzle to solve and once you've got all the answers there's a mystery to solve - in our case a crime had happened and we had to work out who had done what to who etc... We had it pretty nailed down, but had to skip one of the points of interest/puzzles due to the torrential downpour. It didn't stop us solving the ultimate puzzle though. Afterwards back to ketchgirl's for cake (and tea for those debased enough to drink it ;) ) and then since I was in London and it was the right weekend, I figured I should head to LOTNA. There was pie and a quiz and despite some quite silly mistakes, my team came second. I got the feeling we had no real chance though as the team that came first seemed to be have acquired all the knowledgeable people.

Sunday was another early start and head back in to London for some LARPing goodness with IOD. First up was Lost where there was an Easter egg hunt which was fun and then we aimed the heavy hitters at the end goal to do the actual hard work. End result another mannequin to add to the team - there's so many of us it seems now. If only we were capable of emotion we might actually be quite a fun group. Then there was Requiem where I got hit by an explosion of new characters who were either Gangrel, Crone or both. And then to put the cherry on top, I got saddled with a freshly embraced character too. So lots and lots of talking, explaining and liaising. Next month is going to be extra super fun cos I'll be in charge...muahahahahahahaha :)