November 7th, 2011

LARPers and Shoggoths and Plot, oh my!

I really must update more often. It's not that I'm not doing anything, it's just that I'm terribly lazy. The past weekend (and a bit), for example, were spent at an Isles of Darkness national event. I took Friday off cos it makes it so much easier if I can travel up at my leisure and gave me a chance to run around the place like a mad thing packing during the morning.

The journey up was mostly uneventful aside from me making a brief detour to collect the sci-fi reading group's latest book we're meant to be reading. Cos I foolishly managed to forget when the last meeting was (in my defense, it'd moved from it's usual time). I even managed to luck out and get a lift from the station, cos someone happened to be driving past (due to being lost) at just the right moment. The hotel was not bad; my room was a lot larger than I'm used to; the food was very tasty. The only bad part was the bar was quite pricey (3.80 for a 3.30ml bottle of Magners) and shut far too early.

Game-wise, the Friday Requiem game didn't engage me overly much. I got the impression I must have been looking the wrong way at the wrong times and missed the main plot. But I got to chat to folk and almost made a total mess of the National plot I'd been asked to help with so it wasn't like I was bored or anything.

The Lost game highlighted how little I understand the venue and my character. Must try harder to get my head around it. And get my background to the STs so they can start helping me get more involved in the game. And finish sorting out my costuming/make up. But I had fun chatting to people and there was alarm and terror as stuff happened around me that had me moving rapidly away in the opposite direction as fast as my legs could carry me.

The game I enjoyed the most I think was the Saturday Requiem. I sort of ignored the bead game due to personal plot, but dived head long into Night Market and drooled over the wazzy items. Although mostly the items that engaged me the most weren't actually wazzy - they were scrolls that potentially had wazzyness written on them. Annoyingly, I was pipped to the post in buying the one I really wanted to get and ended up getting the other, more expensive scroll that I can't actually use. Although I don't know that IC yet - got to downtime researching it. But having had a nose around OOC, it looks like I at least should be able to sell it on as it's rarer than unicorn wee.

The trip back was pretty nightmarish, but thankfully not as bad as it could have been. For a start, the trains weren't running as far as London. So we had to get a rail replacement bus from some station in the middle of nowhere to some place on the outskirts of London with a tube station. There was a brief moment where I thought I might not get on cos I took the time to get my suitcase stowed, but it worked out OK in the end. And then the trains out of London also turned into a bus replacement service too. But we got back at a not too bad time considering.

Of course now I need another weekend to recover. I'm sorely tempted to cancel my plans to go clubbing this weekend so I can have some quiet time. Especially as I've got stuff to do the next day that'll need me to get up moderately early.