August 8th, 2011

Movie Review: The Mechanik

So this film is about a former badass military type (Dolph Lundgren) who has retired to raise a family and have a normal job, except some bad men kill his family. Insert some random excuse to go find the bad men and murderise them all in revenge and that's pretty much it. Unlike other films I've watched as part of this project that have been formulaic, this one is a pretty poor example of it's trope(s). There's not much meat on the plot and the action sequences are too few and watered down to make up for this.

And for a film shot in 2005, the blood effects are pretty rubbish too. It's almost like they had a budget for blood effects and ran out half way through, so had to send someone out to get a big bottle of ketchup. Cos there's some bits where there are bodies/people with what clearly looks nothing like blood pooled around them. And then other times they have blood gushing out and it looks (based on my experiences of such things) pretty realistic. Why they couldn't have used the same fake blood in both situations as it'd have at least made the film seem a little less crap.