July 18th, 2011

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Just had a very solid if very wet weekend. Friday night was a rather low-key poker game. I came 3rd. Which isn't an amazing result as there were only 4 of us playing this week. I vegetated for most of Saturday instead of doing anything interesting, like shopping. I managed to arrive in time to find the chemists being shut, so had to get my prescription sorted out by Boots. Then there was cream_horn's University game.

Which was very shiny and mighty. This game saw us being stuck in a time loop, being plagued by happy clappy brainwashed types, a T-Rex and by the end of it, lots and lots of running about trying to get to the cause of the time loop and stop it from happening again and again and again. Fixing the time loop was not helped by us having random selective memories of the previous times around or starting off brainwashed.

I'm really loving my character too and I think everyone does thinks my character is great as well. Or possibly inhuman and creepy, but that's the sort of expected reaction I was aiming for from the other characters, so that's good. It's a shame there's only a couple more games left, cos when it's over, I'll reveal what my character is about and then there won't be any mystery any more. Plus the games are awesome.

Played Mansions of Madness on Sunday and as is usual in Cthulhu based endevours, my character ended up dying. Annoyingly, if I'd not tried curing my sanity earlier on, I'd have possibly survived. Then we watched Iron Man 2 which is still an enjoyable experience. Looking forward to seeing how things end up with The Avengers.