June 25th, 2011

(no subject)

So I went and checked out new phones today. It seems it was actually quite a good idea, as when (eventually) the phone shop guy took the back off my old phone to swap contact numbers and stuff, we found that the battery was at least 50% fatter than it should be. In that "OMG!! It's going to explode!!" kind of way. Possibly, since it's the same model AFAIR, the same thing that happened to M's phone.

So first question - anyone know how to dispose of a mobile phone battery *safely*? I've already taken it out of the phone and don't have any intention of putting it back inside.

Actually that's the only question. Just cos I know people will be curious, I've gone for the HTC Desire in the end. Surprisingly, it wasn't on the list of free upgrades I could get online, but was available in the store. Meh. It is pretty shiny and light, but not that much different to a Blackberry from first impressions. Just have to wait for the SIM to wake up and then I can start (not) receiving phonecalls.