June 20th, 2011

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Had a pretty solid weekend. Came 3rd in the weekly game of pokage despite still being totally crap at reading people. Saturday was spent doing very little except creamhorn's exciting new University game. I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to roleplay my character, but I think I did a pretty good job. He certain had some people guessing wildly about what he is.

Mortals was equally exciting and we defied expectations and didn't waste time faffing; instead got on with the plot and plowed straight through it so quickly that we ended a little bit early for a change.

ION I had one of those rare experiences of having dreamt (or at least remembering having done so). I think I had 3 dreams or maybe it was one long sprawling dream that went to lots of different places. I remember being in a library and getting up sheniagans. Possibly something involving forging some kind of official document. And some point later I was in a large sprawling mansion and decided to go to the loo (without my glasses on) at the same time as someone else, so I gave them a tour of where the loos were.

The last part that I remember is kind of unsettling, but not enough to give me too much concern. The bits I remember are being in a group of people trying to console/counsel someone who'd lost their children in a tragic accident. I'm not sure why, but I had her pegged as a famous actress from my teen years. I think we were still in the mansion and the room we were in had a body of water not too far away outside. Famous distraught actress lady starts getting dragged outside by unseen forces, kicking and screaming etc like out of some kind of horror movie. She's dragged despite our efforts to stop it into the lake. There's some kind of time-skip and we're quite a way from the shore and a container - for some reason my mind saw it as a pizza box - floats to the surface. And inside is the remains of FDAL who has clearly been dead quite some time, meaning that the person we'd been talking to was some kind of ghostly apparation.

It's dreams like that, that make me really wonder what is going on in my subconcious sometimes. What on earth is it trying to tell me? :/