June 6th, 2011

Weekend update

After an initial panic and fail at having no idea where the Requiem game was on Saturday, I decided to just head to the regular venue and my guess turned out to be right. The game was on the whole a bit meh. On the plus side there was lots of fun conversation with people, including some new players (or possibly foreign visitors). On the downside, I found out I'd been emailing the wrong email address with the results of the investigation stuff I'd been working on over the past few months. And that it was all resolved at the recent National and it looks like what I had found out was pretty incomplete and useless. Oh well. I'm going to the next National, so if I start working on dealing with the plot for that at least the effort won't be so wasted.

Other that and a few other bits and bobs, I spent most of the weekend playing games. LA Noire mostly, but thanks to Sony's recent FUBAR I've also got a couple of new games too; Dead Nation and inFamous. I also got James Pond 2 which is a massive nostalgia trip. But that I only got for a month unless I decide to keep my PS Plus upgrade.

Oh and there's also Spiral Knights which is a itty bitty MORPG (not yet massive ;) ) which has me grinding away at various semi-randomly generated dungeons. I'm quite impressed with the random dungeon generator. I'm guessing they've made a series of "chunks" or rooms or whatever that are built with a number of exits/entrances. All of which are setup so that no matter which one you come in by, you can still interact with the room properly. And then it picks a random bunch with weighting towards having certain types of room (like treasure filled ones), hooks them up with corridors and a start and end point and adds it to the pool for that particular level.

It's very heavy on the grinding because everything you do in the game costs energy. And there are 3 ways to get energy. You replenish up to 100 units a day (approximately). Or you can spend real world cash and buy extra energy. Or you can trade the in game cash with other players for energy. Except the costs for the latter method have skyrocketed, such that spending 100 energy grinding dungeons to collect cash doesn't earn enough cash to buy 100 energy.