May 31st, 2011

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I don't often post entries about live fact I don't think I've ever done it before. Thinking about it, it's possibly because I've never attended a live music night before. Yeah, that's probably the reason :)

Anyway, RHUL's RockSoc put on a live band night. I wasn't expecting too much and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that instead of having just 1 band, they'd managed to wrangle 3 of them. They were Rise of my Empire, Driven and Brutai. All of which are pretty much what I'd class as shouty metal. Although Brutai was less on the shouty due to techfail, so they were mostly doing instrumentals. On the whole I think I liked all 3, especially since having heard Brutai on youtube properly.

Now comes the fun part in trying to find their music in a form that I can download and put my on my mp3 player, preferably including waving money at the band. I did ask the lead singer of Driven if such a thing were possible and apparently they've not got as far as selling their music yet. But I did buy a couple of their t-shirts and gifted one to izzy_stradlin.

I also entered the raffle that was being run and at 1quid a ticket, I figured I'd splash out and get a whole strip of 5. Then I overheard that they'd sold a total of 8 tickets so far...oops. I guess that means I'm definitely on the cards to win something. Hopefully not the first prize, cos that's a ticket to Sonisphere and I don't think I'm really the musical festival type. Especially as it involves camping. I'm more hoping I win the 3rd prize ... it's a surprise and I like surprises :)