April 18th, 2011

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I had a pretty solid weekend. Friday was poker and I came 3rd after getting stuck in a Matt sandwich. Saturday started off a tad poor; I was expecting 3 parcels to arrive and only 1 of them showed up and that wasn't until nearly 5pm.

I did however do gardening and planted some chilli seeds and a venus flytrap seed(s). Whether I actually get any results will remain to be seen as I've never managed to grow anything from seeds ever.

In the evening we attempted to eat all the chinese food in the world for nuuki's getting old celebrations. satyrica and I, did our table proud and polished away as much of the leftovers as possible. Then we headed back to HoP where nuuki demonstrated his dancing on the kinect skills. Amusingly, everyony apparently left pretty much on the dot of midnight - ie when his birthday ended.

Sunday we had the mortals game. Despite apparently little planning, the team of eggwhite and urizen did themselves proud, coming up with a disturbing scene involving rat eggs hatching. Luckily/unfortunately they didn't have any egg physreps. Then I ended up vegging in front of the TV, fiddling with the IoD wikis and then failing to sleep. I think I managed to luck out and get one REM cycle worth of sleep though, cos I don't feel like I've only had a couple of hours of sleep.