April 3rd, 2011

Bi-winning weekend

As Charlie Sheen would say, I'm clearly pumped full of Tiger's Blood this weekend as I've completed a couple of the objectives I mentioned a while ago. Thanks to the awesome eggwhite, I've finally disposed of the evil allergy-filled armchairs of doom and also moved the storage heater so that it's not in a stupid place in the room (and also not slow roasting izzy_stradlin).

I've still got a few bits and bobs to tidy up left to do and I could do with getting some new curtains as the current ones are hideous and too long. In the short term I've used the power of Bodge and used paperclips to temporarily lift up the bottoms so that they're not smothering the heater. Cos I think not doing that would be bad and involve fire or something.

I've also had a very tasty roast lunch and seen Source Code. I think everyone who went enjoyed it. It's not as bleak as Moon (it's done by the same guy if you didn't know) and if I had to describe it, I'd say it's a bit like 12 Monkeys with a bit of Groundhog Day and Deja-Vu thrown in. Without (surprisingly) anyone going nuts as that is often a common side effect of re-living the same point in time, over and over again.

Friday night I got to eat pie and meet with sea_cucumber which is something I don't get to do enough of. It was slightly overwhelmed by DuD talk, but maybe that's karma for all the times we've frothed about Cam in front of people? Saturday had a pretty good Requiem game, although I had to leave annoyingly early cos the Northern line was FUBAR'd and I had to tromp across town to find a tube station with a line that was running in the right direction. Yesterday also had the thrill and excitement of an invasion of wasps in the bathroom. Luckily blue_cat is braver than I am and managed to vanquish the wasp menace.

It's great that I have such awesome friends.