April 1st, 2011

Damp squid

Back at the start of term the RHUL SU had this "awesome" idea to do a video like this, except they gave people about 48 hours notice and picked a day where it was raining resulting in a pretty poor turn out.

Finally they've published it and it's as dire as expected. Aside from the awful weather and the fact that most of the route is sparsely populated, the main problem with it is that as with most things they use to promote clubs and societies, it focuses on the activity based ones and marginalises the cultural and interest based groups.

Because most societies don't do things that are fun for other people to watch. They meet up and socialise or do group activities together. The other day the SU sent someone to photograph IFIS in action. End result - a bunch of photos of us sat in a dark room watching something. How on earth are they going to inspire people to join us?

I must admit that I'm struggling to think of something they could have done that would have worked for everyone. Maybe it'd just be better if they admitted that they're biased towards their own kind (the drama & sporty types) and didn't associate their efforts with the other societies too?