March 29th, 2011

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Blergh. I'm absolutely knackered. Work have decided they want to send me at short notice to foreign parts for highly exciting and interesting work stuff. Except I remembered that I had no idea where my passport was. I had a vague memory of tossing it on to a pile of important documents and overshooting. But I couldn't see it where it'd have likely landed, so have spent the past 2 nights ransacking the flat.

On the plus side I've found a load of other things, like my course notes from my massage class. And the power socket for the lounge heater which is important to know if I get around to moving the heater to under the window. I've also cleared things up a little and moved the TV so that it's completely out of the way and produced a large bag of rubbish.

I have a crazy idea of moving the armchairs out from under the window to the other side of the room too and stacking them up on top of each other. There looks like there should be enough room and it means I can use the cleared space for storing stuff in a better location and also means that when the times comes to dump the stupid things, they're right by the door. Which is all part of the Plan that I mentioned the other day.

And to ensure that I follow through with this idea, I've left the flat in such a state that either I'll do it all or izzy_stradlin will get back next week and murderise me. Even if I decide the plan is too crazy I should end up with an even less chaotic lounge than usual.

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