March 21st, 2011

Horace, Egyptian god of Fools and Gamers

So a mostly quiet weekend. Friday and Saturday were spent vegetating in front of the TV or playing The Sims 3. However on Sunday I was a blur of activity. There was the re-enactment AGM/elections which went as well as expected. We ended things early cos everyone was busy so I figured I'd head over to the Happy Man for a pub lunch and found a M&E there, nursing hangovers from the night before.

Then there was the Mortals game which also had an AGM/elections thing which also went a similar route to the re-enactment one. There was also a discussion about the membership fees cos we're no longer activitely investigating ghosts or whatever and are focused solely on the alien Artifact corpse etc... But it got cut short by the invisible naked assassin showing up and telling us that some really weird f***ed up guy had shown up at the safe house he'd stashed the Bad Guy in. We'd already known he'd kidnapped the guy, but not where so we decided to go check out what was going on.

It didn't go according to plan. The Bad Guy was dead - dismembered by the WFUG who looked a bit undead or possibly like the clockwork assassin from Hellboy. After speaking cryptically and threatening/freakily at us, he walked out the front door and turned into the Ibis. This prompted my character to theorise that the alien thing we're dealing with could be something like out of Stargate - aliens pretending to be Egyptian gods. Mistakenly we thought that the Ibis headed one was called Horus (not Thoth) and since some people didn't like the idea that he might be a god, we decided to abuse his name and call him Horace.

After that we went back to House of Plot for the traditional natter afterwards. Then there was chinese takeaway and Tron 2. All this did mean I wasn't online much which is why I'm a day late in the 30 day challenge. Luckily it looks like the next couple of days are quite simple ones to answer.

day 28 - something that you miss.

Something? Hmmm...I guess that technically means I can't say cryx cos she's a someone not a something? What about I miss cryx's company? Does that work?

There's actually a whole load of other things I miss too I suppose, most of which are of the fun interactions with the opposite sex nature (mmm...snogging). I also haven't had a chance to utilise my awesome massage skillz in a while too.