March 15th, 2011

day 21 - one of your favourite shows.

I was all prepared to waffle on about various TV shows I like when I noticed that the subject for today doesn't actually mention TV at all. Of course not being terribly cultured I haven't actually seen many stage shows, so I'm going to stick with waffling on about TV stuff instead.

I'm actually finding it quite hard to come up with one show that I love above all others. There is also a slight problem in that there was a dark period in my life where I was appalling bad at keeping up with TV I liked. It was a terrible time where in order to watch shows I had to remember to set my VCR and make sure there was enough space on the tape I was recording on.

This has meant that there are a number of shows - like X-Files or Buffy - that I just never got to see the end of. I them all on DVD too, but I'm very lazy and can't be arsed with the whole "getting up to change DVD" thing. Those are two shows that I really do think are pretty awesome though...maybe one day I'll pull my finger out and finish them.

These days things are a whole lot better as I have a wonderous piece of technology that I can tell to record "Chuck" and it'll record every episode of Chuck that is being shown. It does get a little carried away and record every episode, so when the BBC (for example) decide to re-show the same episode a dozen times in the same week (which they do with Doctor Who an awful lot), I end up with lots of stuff I don't need unless I'm organised enough to pre-emptively tell it not to record them. Last night I was that organised and I think out of about 35 things it wanted to record, I've only kept about 3 of them.

So aside from subtly name dropping awesome shows, here's a list of shows I really like that I can't really pick one from that is my most cherished above all others. Warehouse 13, Doctor Who (the Moffat stuff especially), Chuck, X-Files, Buffy, B5, BSG, Human Target, Burn Notice, CSI, Cleopatra 2525. There are no doubt a great many more I could list too, but I'm already several days late for this entry and I suspect if I did try and list them all, I'll be weeks late ;)