March 8th, 2011

day 16 - your views on mainstream music.

My views on "mainstream music" is that I don't get to listen to it often enough. My mp3 player steadfastly refuses to tune in to any stations and it's really the only thing I use for listening to music. As such, I'm not really aware of what is going on in the charts or anything like that apart from any "news worthy" stories. Like the Lady Gaga track that sounds like something Madonna would have done. I heard a bit of that yesterday when in the college shop and would certainly have thought it was an early Madonna song if I'd not known about the Lady Gaga one.

My telly can do radio - maybe I should devote some of my copious downtime to listen to it; maybe see if I can catch a show detailing what is in the charts or something? Or assuming it's on at a time that I'm not available, see if I can grab it off iplayer?