March 6th, 2011

day 14 - your earliest memory.

I can't really remember much before primary school with any great clarity. Primary school I have lots of random memories of. I can remmeber the building; 2 stories, red bricked, stairs at either end and possibly t-shaped. The shape comes from my memory that the playground was divided in two by the presence of a chunk of the school sticking out. I'm guessing it must have been the assembly hall. The playground was divided as such because the younger kids and older kids weren't allowed to play together.

I remember that each gender only had 1 loo in the whole building; the girls was at one end, the boys at the other. Not sure how this worked with the split playground thing though. The boys loo was just a donut shaped room with a urinal trough in the floor against one wall. No idea what the girls was like - I guess I was never brave enough to explore. I know the girls were terrified of going into the boys loos and it made a good hiding place from them...except for it having only one entrance/exit.

I can't remember any of the teachers though. I do have one vivid memory of one of them getting irate at me for not having dried myself quickly enough after a swimming lesson and coming over and vigorously "giving a hand". The school had it's own swimming pool. It was outdoors in a building that looked a lot like a plastic greenhouse. The water was always ice cold - I suspect they only did swimming lessons in the winter. There were no changing rooms, so we always got changed/dried/whatever in a random classroom.

I think that's enough memories for now tho and I've saved the embaressing/interesting ones from seeing the light of day ;)