March 5th, 2011

day 13 - somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

I'm not sure I have any where I want to visit as such. I don't really enjoy travelling - I'm mass of anxiety and nerves that I'm doing it all wrong and going to end up lost. It's why I hate buses cos unless you know the route well, you won't have any idea where you are. I suppose I would like to visit my distance friends more - does that count as an answer?

As for where do I want to live, well I'm already doing that for the most part - in that I want to live near my friends. One idea I would like to do is have us all buy up a cul-de-sac or a village or something and then live a lot closer to the rest of the tribe. But I don't really know how viable that is. Failing that, buying somewhere bigger would be nice as I could fill the extra rooms with friends. Sort of like a zoo, I suppose, but hopefully less flinging of poo (*looks pointedly at majic13*)