March 4th, 2011


Since today's post of the day is one I can't really post until the day is over, I thought I'd do this book related meme I've seen doing the rounds instead.

The book I am reading
The Windup Girl
The last book I received as a gift
That'll be the book on Elven whose exact title I can't recall off the top of my head
The last book I gave as a gift
Again, lousy at remembering titles, but it was a book (actually 2 books) on Egyptian art (and one on writing) to izzy_stradlin
The nearest book
Without getting out a tape measure, I'm not sure if it's my copy of The Windup Girl that's in my rucksack under my desk or my copy of Oracle PL/SQL Programming that is lurking unloved at the back of my desk

day 12 - bullet your whole day.

Sorry, this one is going to be a bit yawntastic...

  • 0.00 - muck about on the internet
  • 1.20 - take meds and head off to bed
  • 6.40(ish) - Wake up, notice the time, roll over and doze...
  • 7.00-8.04 - Get woken up by alarm, roll over and hit snooze button, fall back to dozing every 8 minutes
  • 8.05 - get out of bed.
  • 8.30 - head over to the office to pick up the shuttle
  • 8.42 - pop into Budgens to buy breakfast
  • 8.45 - get on shuttle and wait for any stragglers
  • 8.50 - read The Windup Girl on the shuttle to work
  • 9.20 - arrive at work.
  • 9.25 - eat breakfast of 2 twix and a can of Dr. Pepper
  • 9.30 - catch up on email and begin a day of work, work, work
  • 9.40 - cursed and swore at the new vacation system, trying to get it to book a day off
  • 9.45 - booked day off - mocked NVS for it's many failings
  • 10.30 - finished catching - on to work proper now
  • 12.30 - scampered across the road to the canteen and had a really boring sandwich
  • 14.10 - realise i still have a whole afternoon of work ahead of me. joy
  • 14.11 - remember i'd promised to mine some data for random guy in the NOC
  • 14.36 - posted a meme about books whilst i grabbed some other data for my team leader
  • 15.14 - time for afternoon tea...well can of coke & twix
  • 17.30 - down tools. scamper off to go and find the shuttle
  • 17.35 - wait for shuttle.
  • 17.40 - listen to Freaky Friday by Aqua and ponder what is going to go wrong
  • 17.43 - discover shuttle is going to be late due to accident on it's route causing traffic
  • 17.55 - get on shuttle - can have nap nao!
  • 18.30 - disembark from the shuttle
  • 18.35 - pop into Tescos for weekend breakfast supplies
  • 18.51 - arrive home and unpack shopping
  • 18.53 - start catching up on Facebook & Twitter that I missed whilst at work
  • 19.33 - head to pub for Pagan soc moot thingy
  • 19.50 - ate tasty omnomnomlicious peri-peri chicken
  • 21.45 - left pub
  • 22.05 - defrosted whilst eating a couple o Mr Kipling's exceedingly tasty spotted dick and custard cake slices.
  • 22.10 - resume checking stuff out online
  • 22.50 - take medication
  • 22.54 - post this entry and go to bed