March 2nd, 2011

day 10 - discuss your first love and first kiss.

This is a tricky one as it involves memory. I think that my first kiss was aged 7 with a girl called Victoria. Those of you with a rudimentary grasp of maths will realise that was a very long time ago. As such I might be wrong with some of the details, but I do mostly remember the context of it though. I remember her and her (parental unit) would walk home after school with me and my (parental unit). This was in the day when the shadowy spectre of pedophiles didn't exist, so it was common for us to run off ahead and out of sight of our (parental units). I remember us ducking down into an alley one day and trying out kissing. I don't remember whether it was good or not or what our reactions was.

I'm not sure that really counts as a first kiss, so I'll be generous and detail my first full on snog-fest. Cos that was a lot more recent and I can remember all the details. I was an ickle baby fresher and I'd met a girl online who was studying up in Manchester. I bunked off lectures one day to visit her for the weekend and despite the trip not going that well, we did end up snogging. And for my first proper attempt I don't think I did too badly. Or at least she certainly didn't have any complaints.

My first love on the other hand is a trickier thing to pin down, because I don't think I know what love actually is? There have been many women in my life that I care deeply about, but is that love? I don't think I can really pin it down. Sorry.