February 14th, 2011

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I'd rate that as possibly the best weekend I've had a in a while. In the sense that I managed to get my arse in gear enough to be able to leave the house and go shopping for stuff on Saturday.

Managed to get find a bike machine, although calling it such is a bit of a lie as there's very little "bike" about it. It hasn't got a seat, handle bars or any wheels - it's just the pedals. Had a quick go on it once I'd built it, but didn't have time to do a full work out as I had a LARP game in the evening. It doesn't feel quite right to use yet tho - need to experiment with the right position relative to the chair I'm sat on I think.

The LARP game was pretty good fun and was spent mostly doing a pre-game scene. But not the pre-game scene I was expecting to do, which never happened cos we (me and lucifermourning) figured we should probably play the actual game especially since midnightschilde had shown up.

Sunday was also mostly good. Took my (very) dead wheelie chair to the tip. Had a nomlicious sunday roast. And did a scene for the LA Confidential LARP which unfortunately has meant I've handed over my plans for downtime to someone else. Probably not an issue though as Picocon/engineering works looks like it's going to be eating my Saturday so I won't be able to make the next game. Also watched Knight and Day and failed to spot how the extended edition differs from the one shown in the cinema. I suppose Google might have the answer to that if I could be bothered :)