December 6th, 2010

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That has to be one of the worst weekends I've had in a long time. The pagan moot on Friday wasn't too bad - we could certainly do with trying to boost numbers next year.

Saturday though was a bit of a write off due to getting called up by work to help troubleshoot stuff for over 3 hours. Except it was pretty much a waste of time on my part as the problem was in stuff I don't look after. As a result of which I didn't end up going to the Vamp game in the evening as I'd have missed half of it by the time I arrived. Assuming that I would have managed to get there as it looked like the fast trains were all cancelled due to the weather. And I don't think I could really risk the chance of getting stuck in London either.

Thankfully didn't get called on Sunday. I sort of accidently pulled a toenail off/out which put me off the idea of walking much to anywhere, so ended up in all day watching TV and playing Minecraft. Had fish'n'chips for dinner as the one on the Green delivers, so there was some good stuff after all.

Totally missed the work shuttle this morning cos I realised I'd forgotten my Blackberry and had to go back for it. Got a taxi in, so wasn't that much later than normal and got charged far less than I should have cos the taxi guy forgot to put the meter on straight away. So maybe things are starting to shift back into the good side of things?