November 29th, 2010

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That was a pretty solid weekend. Friday was spent vegging in front of the TV. Then on Saturday I went shopping to make the most of the last day of Waterstone's 3 for 2 deal on all fiction. And I picked up a Playstation Move controller too, cos I saw that Heavy Rain had a Move edition and that clinched the deal.

In the evening we gathered at House of Plot for a epic Thanksgiving Feast which include lots of yummy food and more pie than we could shake a stick at. Then we played Werewolf, which I'd not played before, but I had played "Do you Worship Cthulhu" which is exactly the same sort of thing but Lovecraftian in theme. Got killed a lot - mostly due to having a shifty looking face. I did get eaten too, but by pure luck I was playing some kind of healing character at the time and got to veto the werewolves' choice of snack. Only for the villagers to lynch me anyway. The only time I didn't die was when I was a werewolf which meant I won that game. The downside though was that we were playing with the optional rule "The Lovers" and my "partner" was nuuki, so to celebrate our win he came over and inappropriately touched me lots. Not that he normally needs an excuse I suppose *rolleyes*

Sunday I did a spot of tidying up and then tried out the PS Move. In some ways it feels a lot nicer to control than a Wii. I do need to elevate the eyetoy so that it is directly under the TV though, cos I'm not sure it likes being a foot or so below. Then I headed on over to M+E's place to watch Iron Man 1+2 and Sherlock Holmes as M needed to see them. Plus pizza and cheesecake was eaten.

ION my movie bot has been pestering me to buy Terminator 2: The Skynet edition. I'm in two minds as I already have a version of T2, but this one has more extras. But on the other hand, they'll probably release an all singing, all dancing boxed set containing (at least) the first 3 films at some point. Meh...I think I'll abort and see what is next on the list.