November 23rd, 2010

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It's been a long time since I've had to pick up a parcel from the local sorting office, but nothing much has really changed. I had to go and pick up the first package from my "1quid a day movie bot" project on Saturday. Having already walked at least a mile, I decided to walk another one, but continuing in roughly the same direction and go shopping. Except I didn't actually buy anything in the end, but I did end up putting a load of things on my wishlist.

In the evening was the LA Confidential game. I wasn't entirely convinced by the first scene, although I got to talk to a few people. The second scene was a huge laugh though as it involved me reading Shakespear. Badly. AFAICR I've never ever read Shakespear before, so the oddly poem like style of writing completely threw me.

The Mortals game on Sunday seemed to takes ages to get going, mostly due to people doing pre-game scenes and so we had to wait for them to arrive so we could info-dump all the things we'd found out from downtimes. And then we went to investigate an apparent haunting, which we'd worked out was actually the invisible nekkid assassin stealing food.

ION I'm enjoying the new season of Misfits. The Event seems to wavering my attention span, but I don't think I'll ditch it just yet. And I've resumed playing catch up on Chuck and I'm enjoying it again.

Oh and movie bot pestered me to buy one of the Wallace and Grommit movies - the one about baking today.