November 15th, 2010

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Pretty solid weekend I think. Friday evening was a little confusing as despite pointedly asking if stuff was happening, people were a little surprised that I turned up. OK, I was a little late, but that was cos I was doing vitally important housemate brain proddage. Still, got to play Dominion and I did pretty OK. I think I might even have a handle on it now.

Saturday I started a new project in minecraft - a minecart station. I'd stumbled across a youtube video containing some how-to's on various aspects of building something that lets you request a minecart and deals with situations like you not being quick enough to jump onboard. I eventually finished it on Sunday, but currently I ran out of track so it doesn't actually go anywhere. And I also need to rebuild it all in stone, cos otherwise loads of pesky animals keep stealing the minecarts and breaking it.

Saturday evening I popped in to London for the London Requiem game. It was a little odd and frustrating, but not bad as such. One of the things I've noticed over the years, is that when a new ST comes in to a game, the first thing they do is get rid of all the existing plot. Now this particular new ST has at least managed to wind down the plot, rather than brushing it under the carpet, but it did feel very abruptly ended. But I think mostly that was just down to the other PCs method of dealing with said problem which boils down to *smash* *kill* etc... which (I hope) will come back to bite them on the butt.

Re-enactment had a social on Sunday involving pizza and we watched A Knight's Tale which is always a good one to watch. Although it doesn't contain much in the way of sword fighting and there is no way we'll ever be allowed to re-enact jousting.

I realise that I only ever seem to do posts about the weekend, but never the bits inbetween. Which is odd as stuff does happen. Although it tends to be the same things on a weekly basis. Like on Mondays, I go to GameSoc or Tuesday and Thursday, I do IFIS. I think Wednesday is the only day I have some kind of randomness, which I think this week will be spent coding my crazy Amazon movie buying idea.