September 27th, 2010

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I took off last week to burn through some of my seemingly large amount of holiday time left over and to also be available if folk needed any help during Freshers week.

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Tuesday was uneventful as I totally failed to remember that I'd planned to go to the all you can eat rib night at the Spur. And was Wednesday was looking like more of the same until I got a spam phone call and the voice reminded me of the blood clinic person and I remembered I had a blood test to do. Thankfully made it there 15minutes before they closed and they managed to sort me out pretty quickly too.

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The weekend was pretty quiet too - good chance to re-charge my batteries and let my feet recover. Although I did pop up to Reading for their Requiem game. Their venue is not ideally suited to this time of year though, as it was very cold and most of the fun stuff tended to happen outside. But I got to have the conversation about plot that I'd gone for, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. And more importantly, the Prince was a pyscho, there weren't any explosions or armies of "Bad guys" invading the court, so I managed to return home safe and sound with the same character sheet.