September 20th, 2010

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Had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I popped in to town and met up with E who, like a lucky charm, managed to help me find a pair of decent looking leather-free trainers in a matter of moments. Then we bimbled about trying to blag us some free stuff for the IFIS Freshers Fayre stand, but no-one had anything suitable and the guy in WHSmith was having difficulty breathing and thinking at the same time. It was such a nice day that I walked back home with E which is not something I often do. I should try and walk more often like I used to do.

The Mortals game was as always superb with the set dressing and stuff. Not quite as tense as I'd expected, although I think that was cos I was mostly in the right place at the right time and managed to avoid the combat scenes. I did *finally* get to act out my vice in true Shaggy style and eat food that I'd found and accidently left behind a tool I'd been given only moments earlier.

Today has been mostly relaxing and doing a bit of Requiem plotting (nothing to do with the weekender :P ) and then a mad dash on to campus to help E out with the library as the SU had recently moved it to a new temporary location and it was in a bit of a state. Mostly Woolies cupboard had all the shelves colapse as they couldn't empty it as it was locked and thankfully none of the books were damaged (more than usual). Slideydoor cupboard however is no longer slideydoor cupboard. I don't know how they managed it, but they broke off both doors. And then didn't tell us until we went and had words with them. On the plus side they seem to be happy enough to provide a replacement out of their own pockets.

Back home now and very confused by the hot weather. Didn't we (not) have summer already?