September 16th, 2010

(no subject)

Surprisingly, it seems that the new version of the IFIS website has mostly gone up without too many glitches.

Amusingly, the worst I've seen so far is with the new Trumps game where I challenged someone, they responded and won, except the code that worked out the winner was broken. So in fixing it, it looked like I was making it so that I'd always win. *rollseyes* I'm not entirely happy with how the scores are worked out too, so I'll no doubt have to have a think about how to tweak them so. I think the decay rate isn't quite working or maybe it needs a bias towards active members?

Other than that, I'd say I'm pretty pleased with the thing. Hats off to eggwhite for the shiny new design even if it does hurt my head with some of the aspects of it.

I wonder how long it'll take all the bots to finish crawling it...