June 21st, 2010

(no subject)

Things have been pretty good since I last posted. IFIS had an impressive turn out of students despite the year having finished already. We did the concluding session of the Party/Torture/Amber game on Saturday. Went pretty well, although we didn't manage to achieve anything except a lot of bickering. Which in some ways is kind of expected I believe, except we weren't really the Princes of Amber - just backup copies for when the first bunch wiped each other out. It does mean that as things stand we have the possibility of having future stories with the same characters. I might have to flesh out the character (a lot).

There was also another Mortals game and we got to see Arty again and introduce him to the new people who've joined us. Must try harder to find ways to get involved with the plot during downtimes, cos aside from personal plot, I don't really have much to do. Which is bad. I do have a cunning plan though...maybe it'll be useful and work.

And last night I went to a birthday party, but bailed early cos I was tired, had work today and they started showing RHPS. Which I've seen far too often to be able to just watch casually.