June 1st, 2010

Things to do in R'lyeh when you're living...

A mostly uneventful weekend, but the bank holiday was filled with a fun game of Cthulhu in which I played an unhinged young gentleman who saw things that were not there. Which meant I spent a lot of the game bimbling about the place trying to coerce cats into telling us what was going on and chatting amiable to a zombie that kept offering to turn us dust.

It went downhill though when I took it upon myself to kill the Cthulhuiod wizard who was attempting to bring about the end of the world. I turned into a crazed pyschopath and finding myself in a target rich environment (ie in the same location as the party) started laying into anyone I could get my gore covered pointy stick at. Luckily the other characters managed to subdue mine only to then change their mind and brutally murder him. On the plus side though, they avenged my death by entering into a suicide pact and killing themselves. Which had the added bonus of stopping the big bad ... for the time being.

I think this is the first game where we've had a total party wipe-out, but have still managed to secure a win :)

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One of my recent little coding projects has been tinkering with the IFIS Lovemap of doom and it's other various incarnations. Mostly because there's been a sudden interest in it from the IFIS crowd and their usage has highlighted a few issues to fix and improvements to add.

One thing they have identified that I can't fix is human nature. Namely the need for some to know everything and by unspirited methods have "solved" the lovemap. And in doing so have made it so that people don't feel able to add any links because it's no longer effectively anonymous. Some how I don't feel this is something entirely within even my coding skills to fix ... ;)

What is needed is a graph shattering shake up with a whole load of new information added that'll (hopefully) remain confusing long enough for people to feel confident in adding more links again. Maybe next year's new intake will cause this. Maybe some more old timers will check it out and contribute some of our embarressing dark secrets. I don't know. Or maybe I should write some new code that injects random echos of data that'll confuse things enough that no-one will ever know where they really are again...