May 24th, 2010

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Wow. It's been far too long (almost 2 weeks) since I last did a post. Thankfully not too much has happened that I can't remember it all. Both past 2 Saturdays have involved fun parties. And shopping with failure to find black jeans in the right size and style I'm after. There was a mortal game with the horror of the rat-tree...which thankfully eggwhite didn't have time to build a physrep for so the trauma was minimised.

Thursdays have been mixed. Last week was a bit quiet but the one before last was back to how things used to be before the reboot. Although I was thought for a moment we were going to either get kicked out, or have to rush doris to the nearby A+E when he decided to try go flying across the room and almost smash through a plate glass window.

Monday games nights have been even more console focused than normal due to being in a room that is totally unsuitable for doing anything except for playing console games. Tuesday IFIS has shown a mixed bag of stuff and there's also been a sort of fic writing contest which has thrown up some hilariously bad horrors. My own one got a good reaction though which was good. They might get posted on the IFIS site at some point too.