May 9th, 2010

Battery: 0%

The weekend isn't over yet, but I think I'm pretty much done for the time being. Friday saw me go to our regular monthly Pagan moot which thankfully wasn't too overly dominated by politics. And then I scampred in to London for a night of dancing with midnightschilde and satyrica, which was awesome. There was some Rammstein and lots of other good songs I remember from the days of Full Tilt. Plus some new stuff and some old stuff that'd been remixed. Eventually we crashed at satyrica.

Then midnightschilde and I attended the IoD EGM. I stuck around for the Requiem game which was pretty solid. Got to interact a lot with the new players which is quite a lot of fun. Today was a BBQ at sollunastella's which involved lots of dead cooked animal. Gonna spend the rest of the day relaxing in front of the TV though.