May 4th, 2010

A very long weekend

So I just had a very very long 4 day weekend by virtue of having to use up some holiday carried over from last year. And mostly I spent it sat on my butt playing Fat Princess (woohoo! I made it to the rank of King!) and watching TV.

But I did actually manage to leave the house and visited Gosh comics to take part in the Free Comic day thing and picked up a free copy of Jackpot #1 - a 3-part spinoff from Spiderman. I also bought a couple of other items whilst was in there, namely Kick-Ass - unfortunately with the movie cover - and some Iron Man. And speaking of which, I did go and see Iron Man 2 as well which I really enjoyed.

And I went to a Requiem game which was in an indie pub that sells nothing by the major brands - even soft drinks. Which does mean that a pint of lemonade is expensive (even by London standards) and also "funny" with bits in. Luckily they also do a really nice cider and a pint of that'll keep me going all evening :)

All in all though, my batteries feel totally recharged and aside from a slightly screwy sleep pattern I feel ready to face the week. Especially as the end of the week has the pagan moot, clubbing and other fun to look forward to.